Thursday, 21 June 2012


This is our first assignment on mfa sunday school. Though i signed up a bit late, I still wanted to be a part of it.

Letter to my writerly self.
I always wanted to be a writer and I’m glad I’m one. When I was a kid, I read a lot of novels and I wanted to be like the authors of those novels. Once in school, we were asked to write a composition. I wrote a story had read in the library weeks before that time. It was a fascinating story, can’t really remember what I wrote now. After we turned in our work, my teacher called me and asked if I was the one that wrote story. When I said “yes”, she was stunned. She congratulated me and I swelled with pride. Thant incident has since been etched on my mind and it made me really want to be a writer. Cos I felt since I could impress my teacher then I could impress anyone else. I love to write. I love been able to express my thoughts on paper.
I see myself writing children’s books in the near future, I also want to start blogging. Have a desire to inspire women in my nation through my blog posts. This is really a huge project for me. I would also go back to writing poetry.
I want my writings to be inspirational. I want to speak to people’s heart. Blogging is what grips my heart now. I’m so fascinated by it. I want to encourage family life through my blogs. I want their hearts to be drawn back home. I believe I can greatly affect my nation through my blog.

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